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Ceragem Slim Belt

Slim Belt?

Slim Belt is a small electronic physical therapy device that can be used at home. These days, the unbalanced diet, pollution and stress cause people to suffer from various adult diseases. Even though people attempt to do proper exercise, diet and physical therapy, a large number of restrictions, such as cost and place make it difficult for them to practice them. For this reason, CERAGEM has created Slim Belt in order to help people to continue their health care in their daily lives.

내구성 혁신 및 소비전력 절감The easy-to-recognize icons make it easier for your entire family to manipulate the machine and understand how it works. Enjoy the relaxing thermal massage in the convenience of your home.

  • 슬라이딩 수납 디자인 The slide-in drawer box maximizes convenience when you store and use the projectors. Equipped with compartments and pads to prevent the projectors from clustering, the box helps maintain the durability of the projectors

  • 안전하고 편리한 커넥터 적용 Our connectors have passed flexure tests as many as 240,000 times. The connector helps improve linkage to other outside mechanical elements and increase durability. You will feel the difference after prolonged use.

Enhances durability and improved massage effect that outperform existing thermal massagers.

  • 강도조절 Different people like different types of intensity for their massage. CERAGEM`s 5mm-thick two tier adjustable support makes it easier for you to control the intensity of thermal massager. Experience smart intensity control. Enjoy a more effective massage.

  • 내구성 혁신 및 소비전력 절감 CERAGEM has increased the service life of the pressure roller (composed of a LED and CP heater made of new material) to up to about an unprecedented 30,000 hours (or 7 years), as well as upgrading its durability to excellence.


  • low-frequency waves stimulate the abdominal muscles

  • strengthened internal organs (which leads to an improvement in metabolism),

  • improve lymph flow and blood circulation,

  • improve nervous system,

  • break down and remove slags and fats which contributes to weight loss.

It is equipped with electrode pads made of high-tech silicone.14 fl tight to the body and having high electrical conductivity. The location of the pads is fully consistent with the location of the motor points of the muscles (for more intensive reduction). It is significantly more powerful than other household myostimulators and is equipped with a convenient remote control, with which you can control all functions. The control panel is conveniently connected to the belt. You can do hous ehold chores, exercise, etc., as it works on the battery in the belt (no need to connect to an outlet).
Six authomatic modes will allow you to prepare the problem area for intensive exposure at one stage, split and remove fat - on the other and build muscle - on the third.

  • COMBINED - improves metabolism, blood circulation, actively breaks down fats.

  • ELASTICITY - the effect of fitness, it strengthens the muscles and stimulates the internal organs.

  • RELAXATION - acting from inside and outside, relieves muscle spasm.

  • DETOXIFIATION - breaks down and removes poisons, toxins, fat.

  • CIRCULATION - restores blood and lymph circulation.

  • STABILIZATION - normalizes the nervous system, restores the natural balance of the body.

Main Characteristics:

  • Weight: 1.1kg
  • Dimensions: 49 x 20 x 10cm
  • Power Consumption: 60W
  • Current Frequency: 1-200Hz
  • Voltage: 3.7 V (Li-ion battery)
  • The application time: 5-60 min.
  • Modes: 6
  • Warranty: 1 year


Economic Design

- The shape of Slim Belt is created ergonomically and derived from the human muscular structure.

light Weigth

Economic Design

- Slim Belt has ergonomic massage programs that have invented at Konyang University.

LCD Panel

Economic Design

- Slim Belt displays every function on LCD panel.


Economic Design

- Slim Belt uses wireless rechargeable battery and portable uses improve users’ convenience (Standby time, up to 10 hours).

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