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Measuring the length and curves of the spine. The thermal therapy device adapts to you thanks to the function of scanning the spine and the advanced system of movement of the internal carriage

  • Analysis of biologically active points
  • Analysis of body parameters
  • 6 levels of intensity and 12 massage modes.
  • Sound therapy and ergonomic design

CERAGEM MASTER V3 is the world's first therapeutic device allowing to obtain an optimum massage and moxibustion based on the length and natural curves of the spine of a person, regardless of gender and age. Now the device is easy to use not only for adults but also for children scanning function is available if the child's height has reached 120 cm.

Each person has its own length of the spine. Therefore, it is impossible to provide the same effective cauterization and acupressure for different people with the help of one given trajectory of the internal spotlight.

Personal therapeutic device Ceragem Master V3 is an amazing combination of Western medical practices, advanced production technologies and techniques of Oriental medicine. Ceragem Master V3 is designed for daily care of the spine to restore its natural curves, and for healing the body as a whole. The device Ceragem Master V3 meets all of the requirements for the perfect recovery system of the spine: traction happens gently, in complete relaxation, in full accordance with the natural curves of the spine. Heating with long-wave IR heat enhances the overall therapeutic effect and provides the user with additional comfort.

Master V3 is used for the treatment and prevention of diseases that occur as a result of partial or complete blocking of the nerve pathways (the cause of blocking may be injuries, metabolic disorders, diseases of the spine, etc .). As a result of regular use of the device there is a correction of a backbone , the infringed spinal nerves are released , the metabolism is normalized, work of a gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous and respiratory systems improves.

Ceragem Master V3 is authorized for use in medical practice and at home without the escort of medical staff.


  • Scan of the spine: The spine scan function is designed to measure the length of the spine and determine its natural curves allowing you to get a massage tailored personally for the user. Now you can more effectively affect the biologically active points and spine of each individual user.
  • Improved movement of the carriage: You can get a more effective and comfortable massage thanks to the function of automatic adjustment of the location (above/below) of the inner carriage by analyzing the curves of the spine.
  • Two external searchlights (3 and 9 spheres) allow two people to use the device at the same time - lying on the device and warming up the external searchlight. Stylish ergonomic body is endowed with two comfortable handles, with which to move the spotlight has become much easier.
  • In the upper part of the apparatus of the Ceragem Master V3 is a small recess and a graphical pointer of the head, so that each user can be comfortable on the machine.
  • The easy-to-use control panel: The machine is equipped with a large LCD screen and convenient buttons which helps to easily adjust the mode, temperature, intensity and music according to the wishes of the user. On the back side of the remote there is a special sticker with explanations of the symbols on the buttons.
  • Setting the temperature at 1°C intervals. People feel temperature differently hence,each user can adjust the temperature to suit their body.
  • Sound function: The device has a built-in 2 speakers, earphone Jack, remote control, MP3 (combo), SD card (4GB).
  • Extensible construction. Due to this particular design of the device, the lower mat is moved, and the device takes the form of a couch. This design allows you to effectively use the space.
  • The surface of the couch has a heating function.


  1. Standard Mode : Activates metabolism and promotes overall health. Diseases of senile age, circulation disorders (blood, energy, etc.), digestive disorders, chronic fatigue. The spine scan function is designed to measure the length of the spine and determine its natural curves, this allowing you to get a massage, tailored personally for the user. Now you can more effectively affect the biologically active points and spine of each individual user.
  2. Mode 1 Basic : Corrects the functions of internal organs, restores the vitality of the body. Weakening of nerve functions, respiratory system diseases, digestive disorders, urinary incontinence, lower back pain.
  3. Mode 2 Relaxation : It relaxes muscles, reduces anxiety, helps to overcome stress. Muscle aches, stresses, constipation, anxiety/anxiety, insomnia
  4. Mode 3 Comfort : Restores the functions of the organs responsible for digestion. Digestive disorders, stomach ulcers, vomiting, hangover, increased acidity, constipation, diarrhea.
  5. Mode 4 Circulation: Improves the supply of organs and tissues with oxygen and nutrients, removes toxins from the body. Diseases of the cardiovascular system, atherosclerosis, heart failure, hypertension, lung disease, low (weak) immunity.
  6. Mode 5 General improvement : It improves lymph flow, increases immunity, increases resistance to pathogenic viruses and microbes. Rhinitis, sinusitis, inflammation, colds, frequent fatigue, herpes, enteritis, irritable bowel syndrome IBS.
  7. Mode 6 Energy : Improves the functioning of the genitourinary system Diseases of old age, circulation disorders (blood, energy, lymph), digestive disorders, chronic fatigue
  8. Mode 7 Mental activity : Activates cerebral circulation, increases vital energy, improves concentration. Inattention, drowsiness, lack of concentration, stress, poor academic performance.
  9. Mode 8 Deep sleep: It stabilizes the nervous system, relieves stress, promotes deep sleep. Insomnia, stress, migraines, sleep disorders, weakening of liver function, memory impairment, feeling of tightness in the chest.
  10. Mode 9 Body lines : It removes toxins and wastes, increases the amount of energy consumed by the body and helps to burn fats. Obesity (including in the abdomen), fatty liver, diabetes, cardiovascular disease.
  11. Semi-Automatic mode Repeated stimulation of the massage area Semi-automatic mode gives you the opportunity to massage and moxibustion on the affected areas. To do this it is enough to use the remote control to direct the internal spotlight to the area that needs special attention, and the system will thoroughly work out the selected zone, covering the areas below and above the specified for greater effect. Increases the effect of mechanotherapeutic apparatus for each massage area. Neck: headache, aching shoulders; back: pain in the shoulders, back, pain in the heart; lower back: lower back pain, constipation; body area: diseases of the genitourinary system, menstrual pain.
  12. Manual mode Heat acupressure: Intensive therapy of the selected area of exposure. You can select the desired exposure area according to the user's symptoms.

RESTRICTIONS: during pregnancy, after spinal surgery (within 12 months, after abdominal surgery (within 6 months), in the presence of metal structures in the spine, in a state of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication, in the presence of malignant tumors and severe osteoporosis. If you have a serious illness, consult a specialist.

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